The Runner's Sole, Chambersburg, PA


We are now located at 1752 Lincoln Way E. Chambersburg, PA 17202. We are in the Wal-Mart shopping center. As you pull into Wal-Mart, look to your left toward Sweet Frog Yogurt shop. We are two doors down from Sweet Frog. We still offer the area’s best running advice and gear. The Runner’s Sole is a great place to get your

Owned and operated by Rick Meyers, who is a highly experienced ultra-runner, RN, running coach, and shoe geek, Rick can help you work through any running issues or concerns. If you want a training plan, Rick is the best when it comes to helping you to reach your goals. As an experienced runner, Rick has run everything from 1 mile road races to multi-day events. Coaching plans are on a monthly basis and fees are related to your event. Give him a call, all you can do is ask!

The sales staff are just as witty and tech savvy and will be more than happy to help you run long, run strong, and run well. This is who we are and what we do!

If you don’t know what you want, let us put you on our treadmill and check you out. You’ll get a 10 point check up on your gait. You can’t go wrong with a free gait analysis. That is FREE if you purchase shoes during your visit, or $10.00 without shoe purchase. Don’t worry, the $10.00 will go toward the cost of the shoes if you purchase shoes during the same visit. We know it stinks that we charge for a gait analysis but it takes time and we have to charge something for our great expertise.

This is what we do and we have fun doing what we do. So if you want to experience what we do, drop on in. Anyone can buy shoes from an online retailer, but you can’t get any of this great service online, only in person and we would love to help you make the right decisions the first time.

The Runner's Sole, Chambersburg, PA

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